Fight Over Female, Jaldapara Rhino Killed


Jalpaiguri: A full-grown rhino was killed while fighting another male over possession of a female rhino.

Foresters found the body in Holong beat in the west range of Jaldapara national park on Friday evening. An uneven sex ratio is turning male rhinos into killers in north Bengal forests. The last such killing was reported at Gorumara in November.

Besides that, an adult rhino, strayed away of the Kaziranga National Park, was killed and its horn taken away by poachers in Majuli district, a forest department official said on Sunday.

The female carcass of the rhino with its horn missing was recovered this morning at Lohore Chapori situated north-west of Shankarghat at Dergaon by villagers who informed local forest officials, Divisional Forest Officer of Kaziranga National Park Rohini Ballav Saikia told PTI.

Stating the rhino was killed last night by poachers taking advantage of heavy rain, Saikia said the animal hunters shot nine rounds of bullet of .303 rifle to kill the rhino as evident from the empty cartridges recovered from the spot.