Fiery Jadavpur On Selling Of Illegal Drugs


Kolkata :  A massive unrest begun on the protest of selling of illegal drugs at Jadavpur Police Station area. The exact place of the incident is Golam Mohammad Shah Road. Allegedly, police was there but left the spot as the situation got complicated.

Reportedly, a person has committed suicide early on Sunday after taking some illegal drugs. Local people got agitated on this issue. The shop alleged to sell the illegal drugs set out in fire by the local residents. The entire shop has been vandalised by agitated locals.

মাদক বিক্রির প্রতিবাদে রণক্ষেত্র যাদবপুর, পালাল পুলিশ

Locals complaint that despite of knowing the fact administration did not take any action. The road has blocked entirely as the unrest blocked the traffic flow. Police reached the spot late though the police station is not so far from the place of occurrence.

Police is facing huge rage of local people. Police personnel are running away from the place to save their life. A police has been shed in blood by some locals. Senior officers have reached. A fire tender is also there to put off the fire.