Fierce storm ravages Doars, inflicts severe damage


Jalpaiguri: A fierce storm ravaged vast areas of Doars in North Bengal on Saturday night. As per the reports wind speed up to 100 km per hour has been recorded in the area.

Vast areas including Malbazar, Dhupguri, Moynaguri suffered a complete blackout after the overhead electric wires collapsed due to the fierce storm. The storm inflicted severe damage in the area and destroyed hundreds of houses. Agricultural fields have suffered the worst blow.
Jungle Safari at the Gorumara forest has been cancelled after many trees have been uprooted and severed in the storm. Train lines have also been disrupted due to the storm.

Authorities have initiated rescue and rehabilitation work on war footing. Property worth in crores has been destroyed in the catastrophe. No reports of any one being killed or injured have been reported yet.

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