Few Mind Boggling Questions After Bagri Market Fire


Kolkata: Fire in Bagri market is still on after fourteen hours. With the growing time, many question started to hit the ground but no answer is there.

Firstly, Bagri Market , one of the oldest market of Kolkata. The state government, after Stephen Court and AMRI fire incident, has formed a observation team to examine the fire fighting system in the high rise buildings. So they visited the Bagri market building accordingly. A big reservoir also been made with a wide pipelines in front every shop. The question arising that why the system has not been used in such distressing situation.

Secondly, A meeting was scheduled to take place on Saturday between the shop owners and sellers where the owners promised to give the ownership to the sellers considering certain conditions. The time of igniting the fire incident has put the incident where it can be a conspiracy too.

Thirdly, Many businessmen said, there tussle going between the Bagaria community people on the market. Many people in the business do not believe them.

Fourth, There are eight water reservoir with a capacity of 2000 litre on the roof top of Bagri market. Many are also there under the stair side. So why the 20 thousands liter water and fire fighting system did not work ?

Fifth, In an incident, few days ago, the local people have used the tank water from Bagri market roof in a fire incident of Amratala lane. Why there were no water in the tank ? Why the tanks were empty? have the security guards of the building escaped the place ? Why they did not fill the tanks or deliberately the tanks were made empty as a part of conspiracy ?

Six, the role of fire fighters standing before question. It has been reported that Bagri has received No Objection Certificates or NOC in July of this year. Many businessman has made licencees from Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Depending on what context they have given the NOC to BAgri market building. Police and administration investigating the ground to get an answer of this.

The fire is yet to be doused even though 15 hours have passed by. The fire
service officials are working like a war-like situation to bring the fire under
control. On the other hand, sunlight seems to have faded away as evening prevails.
As a result, the officials are finding it difficult to douse the flames.

To solve it, special arrangement for lights have been made. Lights have been put up
at several parts around the Bagri market. The work is underway using these lights.
The entire night the operation will be carried out as said by the fire service.