Festivity Turns Fatal, Two IIT Students Drowned in Digha


Digha: Puja festivity turns fatal for two IIT students, who got drowned accidentally in the sea beaches of Digha on Sunday during a holiday trip.

As per reports, a group of six students went to Digha on their puja holidays. As the group went in the sea, Rohit Tripathi a resident of Bhopal and one of his companions got drowned in the tides.

A rescue team jumped in the sea and recovered Rohit who was dead by then, while his companion is still missing and presumed to be dead. Authorities have informed IIT Kharagpur about the accident.

The deceased’s family has been informed. East Midnapore police took the body for post-mortem. The incident on the very day of Maha Panchami has casted a gloom in the institute.

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