Festive fever grips St. Joseph’s College


Kolkata: As it is the 125th year of the Irish Christian Brothers in India, St George’s School and St.Joseph’s College, the celebration had to be grand. Keeping up with the honour and expectation St. Josephs’s College,Kolkata arranged for a celebration of the event. Brother Hugh O’Neill, the Congragation leader was present at the occasion. He also inaugurated an exhibition by the students. Br.Steve Fernandes, the provincial leader was also a part of the celebration.


On Jan 30, there was a Eucharistic service by the Arch Bishop and the exhibition was inaugurated in SJC. The exhibition was opened for three days starting from Friday. All the Christian Brothers School from all over the country had gathered at SJC for this fantastic fiesta. These schools had put up various cultural performances to mesmerize on the evening of Jan 30.


On 31st January, a sensational musical evening was hosted by the School. Well known musical personalities performed at the show.

As a project and to mark of the celebration of 125 years, St. Joseph’s College started off with the nursery section.


The new nursery section in the school has been scheduled to run both in the morning and afternoon. Mrs. Jayati Banerjee, the Principal of St. Joseph’s College has said that she had dedicated this event to the hard work of Brothers, teachers, students, parents and her team of old boys.

Story: Spandan Banerjee