Fearing Terror Attack, Police Ban Drones For A Month


Hyderabad: Hyderabad Police have banned the flying of drones and other remote-controlled flying devices in the city, from April 8 to May 7, in view of possible attacks that may be carried out through such devices by terror groups or anti-social elements.

“No flying activities of Remotely Controlled Drones or Para-Gliders or Remotely Controlled Micro-Light Aircraft be allowed in the Jurisdiction of Hyderabad City Police Commissionerate limits without prior Police permission in writing,” a notification issued by IPS Anjani Kumar, Commissioner of Police and Executive Magistrate of Hyderabad City, read.

“Inputs have been received by intelligence agencies about the possibility of attacks by Terrorist/Antisocial elements by the use of para-gliders, remote controlled drones, remote controlled micro-light aircraft, etc., and there is every likelihood of breach of peace and disturbance of public tranquility and also there is grave danger to human life, health, safety and damage to public property on that account,” it added.

As per the notification, government agencies and organizations will need to obtain appropriate clearance from local Police and aviation authorities before launching any Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Aerial Survey (UAS) for any purpose.