FB makes Taslima ‘Unsocial’:Disables her account


New Delhi: Controversial Bangladeshi writer, the author of ‘Lajja’, Taslima Nasreen’s Facebook account has been disabled since Tuesday morning. Facebook authorities took action after numerous pro-Islamic Facebook users ‘reported’ against her writings on the social website.

Nasreen was posting her comments on Facebook under the name ‘Nasreen Taslima’, but on Tuesday after she posted her comments on German Nobel Prize winning author Gunther Grass’ death, she found her account disabled.”Stupid facebook authority always disable my accounts, whenever stupid Islamists make a complaint against my facebook posts”, Taslmia tweeted.

Although, there are several fake IDs in her name, her original account stays disabled.”Despite several requests, Facebook authorities have not reactivated my ID”, she added.Taslima has more than a lakh followers on her FB account, and her communication with them has now been disabled. “I do not have any backup file for the huge number of recent posts that I had put on my wall”, the author said.

The author said, some of her followers have told her to start a new Facebook account with a fresh ID, but she has declined. “I have seven e-mail addresses, and Facebook is not accepting any of them. Now I don’t have the energy to start a fresh account”, Taslima tweeted.

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