Fault In Public Address System, Fierce Sodepur Station


Barrackpore: Sodepur rail station got agitated on Wednesday morning around 9:45 am due to the wrong announcement of train. A problem in public addressing system beefed up chaos in the station area.

Passengers staged protest on the rail track. Train service has been disrupted in Sealdah main line. A sudden brick rain started in the two divided group. Reportedly. one has been injured in the incident.

শিয়ালদহ মেন লাইনে বন্ধ ট্রেন চলাচল, ভোগান্তি যাত্রীদের

Consequently trains halted in many stations. It has sparked agitation among the local passengers. It is woe to people. Passengers are blaming the authority for their irresponsibility.

An announcement on 9:45am said a local train will arrive at platform number 2 instead of that a through train has passed the station which had no announcement previously. But the scheduled train did not stop at the station. At least 12 local trains has been cancelled after that.

Railway authority said, an error in the interlocking system took place in Halisahar. The incident happened as a result of that.

RAF has been deployed to control the station scenario along with the local police.