Fatwa Issued Against AR Rahman, Majid Majidi


New Delhi: Depicting the utter intolerant side of the hardline Islamic group, a fatwa has been issued against noted music composer A R Rahman and famous Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi over their film on the life of Prophet Mohammad.

The Fatwa was issued by a group of Sunni clerics against the film titled ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’ in response to a query put up by Raza Academy over their allegations that it presents Islam in bad light and that muslims have rejected this film. The Ulema were asked to set out the religious position on the recently released Iranian film ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’. Calling such visuals representations a mockery of religion, the fatwa calls upon all the Muslims to strong;y protest against the making and release of such movies.

The group even alleges in the fatwa that the title of the film is objectionable as people might use it in a wrong manner which insults the Prophet. The Raza academy, which initiated the fatwa also alleges that the actor working in the film have charged money for it and the nature of their character can be questionable too.