My Father Wants Me To Pursue Career In Bollywood: Manveer Gurjar


Mumbai: In its first edition where Bigg Boss allowed regular folks to contest with celebrities for the top prize, it was in fact ‘common man’ Manveer Gurjar, who emerged as the winner at the show’s grand finale in Lonavala last night.

The Noida-based dairy farm owner defeated VJ Bani and Lopamudra Raut to clinch the show’s 10 th season. The 29-year-old, who described himself as a ‘son-of- the-soil’, was already considered one of the favourites among regular viewers, mainly for his affable nature.
Immediately after the win, hordes of people queued up outside Manveer’s vanity van at the Bigg Boss house for autographs and selfies — the overnight Haryanvi celebrity’s first taste of fame.

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Several of Manveer’s family members had also come down from Noida for the finale. Ironically, his father, Maharaj Singh, who was not on talking terms with his son due to his acting aspirations, now wants to see his son feature in a film with the show’s host Salman Khan. The proud dad also wants him to settle down in Mumbai to pursue a Bollywood career.
Manveer admits, “I did not have an equation with my father; he could not understand me, but things have changed after the Bigg Boss stint.” Manveer has already instructed his dad to pick up a nice, big gift for his mother from the Rs 40 lakh prize money. He says, “I am leaving it to him. He will buy whatever he feels like.”

The father has also announced that a part of the prize money will be donated to Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation. Manveer says, “I will try and fulfill my father’s dream now, but will not go anywhere without my family. They will have to move to Mumbai with me, or else I will stay in Delhi and try my hand at acting from there.”

He, however, admits that there will be limitations to the kind of roles he can do. “I am not an actor. But if I get desi guy type roles, which suit my personality, I will definitely give it a shot. But I’m not interested in doing just about anything.”

Salman has been known in the past to recommend Bigg Boss contestants to filmmakers, although Manveer says, “Bhai has not told me anything about what I should do next. He just told me to stay the way I am: honest, earthy and forthright.”

About his stint in the house, he says, “There were times I was scolded by Salman bhai for my behaviour. When I entered the house, I really didn’t know how to behave, or what to do. In one of the tasks, I had to snatch clothes from other contestants, and I ended up injuring housemates. At one time, I told Lopamudra (Raut), ‘Chal nikal’. Salman bhai did not like this at all. There were times I used foul language, but after being reprimanded by Bhai, I realised it was time to straighten up my act, and play well. I became a different and changed man.”

So what particular change has the show brought in his life? He says, “The earlier Manveer used foul language as part of his lingo, now no more. Bigg Boss has also taught me to be patient. There were times when I have stayed hungry, which was impossible before. I can now survive anywhere.”