Father Set Daughter On Fire Over Not Getting Money For Alcohol


Bardhaman: Shankar Khetrapal, father of Saraswati Khetrapal has killed his daughter for rejecting him to give money to buy alcohol. He has poured Kerosin oil and set fire on fire.

Such incident has taken place in Harpukur College Para of Memari which is situated at East Bardhaman district. Memari police has arrested him.

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As per the local source, the girl was nineteen years old who was Higher Secondary student of Rashiklaal High School. Her father came at home and asked for food at the lunch time on Tuesday. She gave food and after sometime, seeing the food-plate at the same place, Saraswati puts aside the plate and went to her room. The drunk father set fire on his daughter by pouring Kerosin Oil on her.

The neighbors came after listening shouting her. She was rushed to Bardhaman Medical College and Hospital immediately. But she died on Tuesday midnight.

The reason behind such aggression still not clear. Memari Police is trying to know the background story. One of their relative said that, parents of Saraswati wanted to see her get married in this year. But she was not interested in this proposal. So it could be the reason behind such life-claiming incident.