Fate of One thousand Seventy six to be decided on April 18


Kolkata: One thousand seventy six candidates are contesting the upcoming Kolkata Municipal Corporation elections. The most number of Candidates are contesting from ward no 17 of the Municipal Corporation. The number of candidates in this ward is 16 followed by 78 and 80. Both the wards have 14 candidates. The lowest number of candidates is in Ward 86, 87, 117 and 127. The fight in these wards will be four faced with Trinamool Congress, BJP, Left and the Congress.

12 independent candidates are contesting from ward 17. If the candidates are calculated Borough wise, the number of candidates is the largest in Borough no. 5 of the KMC. In 11 wards of Borough 5 the number of candidates are 104. In ward 131, the ward of Mayor Shovan Chatterjee, the number of candidates is 5 with one independent candidate. In the ward of leader of the opposition Rupa Bagchi, the number of candidates is Six with two independent candidates.

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