Fat-Shamed MP Cop Undergoes Weight Loss Surgery

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Mumbai: Police inspector Daulat Ram Jogawat (58) from Madhya Pradesh, who was fat-shamed on Twitter, underwent a bariatric surgery at Saifee Hospital in Charni Road on Thursday. Doctors are hoping the cop, who currently weighs around 180kg, will lose at least 80kg over the next 12 months.

Bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala said, “He should lose around 80-odd kg in the next year or so, but mainly the uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension sleep apnoea and lymphoedema will disappear.” He added that the cop underwent laparoscopic banded gastric bypass, where the size of the stomach is reduced through surgical stapling. “The procedure essentially reduces the intake of food. Besides, patients also feel satiated faster. The surgery took over two and half hours,” the doctor said.

The cop may be discharged in a couple of days if things go as planned, the hospital said. Jogawat was brought to Mumbai on Sunday from Neemuch, a district in MP, famous for housing one of the largest legal opium cultivation plants.

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Jogawat, who has been a policeman for 37 years and is due for retirement in 2019, is much known for his investigation in the area of narcotics. His weight however has been an issue for more than two decades.

In an interview , Jogawat had said, “I am not fat since childhood. I became fat when my gall bladder was removed in 1993.” He has been the victim of social media banter for the last three years. But his case rose to limelight in the virtual world after author Shobhaa De posted his picture with the caption “Heavy police bandobast in Mumbai today.” The social media erupted in protest and slammed the columnist for “fat-shaming” the cop.

His colleagues and superiors however stood by him, even assuring that his body weight has never come in the way of his efficiency. “Jogawat has won over 200 awards in his career of 37 years and got promoted five times,” said superintendent of police of Neemuch Manoj Singh. He added, “He can stand for 8-10 hours and perform his duties. Jogawat has been known for his investigative skills. His work in the area of narcotics has been extraordinary”.

Neemuch is also infamous for gang wars over controlling the opium market. His family is happy that De’s sarcastic tweet ended up changing his life for the better. His son, who has accompanied him to Mumbai, is glad that his father has undergone the surgery and is his on the path to recovery.