Farzana’s farewell sans ‘Insaf’ and Respect


Kolkata: After the death of the ‘just-ex’ Deputy Mayor of Kolkata, the family members of Farzana Alam refuses to take her dead body to the corporation. Substantiating the move, it was evident from Khurshid Alam’s (brother of Farzana) reaction that the family holds huge grudge against the ruling party including CM Mamata Banerjee. According to Khurshid, the party did not gave ‘insaf’ to Farzana.

He has even said that Mamata Banerjee pays visit to the deceased person even if the person belongs to some other political party, but in such case, Mamata did not even drop a message to the family. Citing such reason, Khurshid said that Farzana’s body will not be taken to the municipality or the party office. They would not want any kind of politics associated with the sad demise of the ex Deputy mayor of Kolkata.  On the otherhand, the people in power have said that the Urban Development Minister, Firhad Hakim has made a call from his office and have asked about the venue of performing the last rites of Farzana. Incidentally, Farzana will be cremated at the Bagmari crematorium and a prayer offering has been organised at Rajabazat to pay her the last respect. Mayor Shovan Chatterjee says that Khurshid has said such things out of emotional outflow.

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Farzana Alam was attacked by some of the goons on April 30, bandh day, during a rally organised by Farzana and some of her followers. Farzana’s followers and supporters have claimed that she was attacked by the goons who belonged to TMC. Infact, it is the cause of her death, claims her supporters. They have even raised their voice demanding the arrest of the goons. She has been betrayed by the party, claims the supporters of Farzana. She was given a ticket from a different ward so that she loses her seat. However, the allegation has been washed off by the present mayor, Iqbal Ahmed. Infact he has claimed that his seat was also changed by the party.