Farrakka Power Plant Shuts Down Totally


Berhampore: Power Plant at Farrakka Completely shuts down on Sunday morning, creating massive fear of power disruptions during polls. Five units closed down on Saturday itself during to scarcity of water. Only one unit was able to produce electricity but due to scarcity of water even that closed down on Sunday.

The water scarcity was caused by lowering of Feeder Canal Aquifer. Hence production is completely shut. Due to shutdown of power plant shortage of 2100 megawatts of electricity will take place. This shortage of electricity will affect West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Sikkim.

As the water level of Bhagirathi has lowered considerably, the water scarcity at the power plant has taken place. The power plant had partially stopped producing electricity since Saturday. The matter is been looked upon by the authorities and massive efforts are being taken to resolve it fast.

According to sources, the drying up of waters has reduced water flow in the feeder canal. Hence the units have been shut down. According to NTPC, water from the feeder canal is not reaching the units as water level is low. The water is generally used to cool boilers. But since no water and cooling big accident can take place. Hence they are forced to shut down the units. Everyday 2100 megawatts of electricity are produced at Farakka.