Farmers Nationwide Strike: Vegetable, Milk Supply Likely To Be hit


New Delhi: The nationwide farmers protest entered its third day on Sunday. The supply of milk and vegetables is likely to be affected in some parts of the country due to the agitation.

As part of the 10-day agitation starting from on Friday, the farmers stopped supply of vegetables, fruits, milk and other items to various cities against the alleged anti-farmer policies of the Centre.

On Saturday, clashes broke out in parts of Punjab between protesting farmers and traders, and the supply of milk and vegetables was hit in some areas. Business was affected in many markets of Rajasthan, too, as nearly 150 trucks carrying vegetables and fruit were stopped from entering Muhana Mandi, the state’s biggest wholesale market, and prices rose in wholesale markets.

In Bathinda, a group of farmers, owing allegiance to the Bhartiya Kisan Union (Sidhupur), stopped some milk sellers from going to the city in the morning at village Jodhpur Romana which resulted into heated arguments among them.

Milk sellers were requesting the protesting farmers to allow them to sell their milk but they refused, said police.

According to traders in Chandigarh, the price of tomatoes soared to Rs 20-25 per kg against Rs 10-15 per kg prevailing two days back. Similarly, retail prices of potatoes, capsicum, bottle gourd, cucumber, have also gone up on short supplies.

Traders said the fresh supplies of vegetables coming through vehicles in mandis have dwindled, triggering fears of more price rise in coming days.