Farmer Commits Suicide Over Less Produce & Debt In Malda


Malda: A farmer named Mahbul Alam, from Gazol of Malda committed suicide on Sunday due to shorter productivity in harvesting.

According to local source, he borrowed money from many people to harvest corn in his own field. He promised to return back all the money to all the lenders. But scarcity of rain became the obstruction to fulfil his commitment. It caused the reduction in productivity. Depression and overthinking engulfed him.

His family informed, he borrowed approximately 70 thousand rupees from the lenders. Few of his family members found him lying on bed in night time on Saturday. They called him but he didn’t respond to their call. He was rushed to the Gazol rural hospital and hospital announced him dead. Police sent the body for autopsy to Malda Medical College on Sunday.

Police is suspecting that he started to realise that he wouldn’t be able to return the money and stand on his commitment so he poisoned himself. Local people and people close to him are mourning death of Mahbul Alam.