Farhan Akhtar Weighs In On The Hrithik-Kangana Controversy


Mumbai: The Hrithik-Kangana controversy is getting heated up with every passing day. After Twinkle Khanna, Farhan Akhtar has also weighed in on the controversy. In his Facebook post, the actor-director does not name any of the two parties involved but it is quite clear that he is referring to Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan.

Farhan has expressed that there have been a few cases where men were stalked, harassed and falsely accused. He also says that Hrithik has been treated in an unfair manner in this debate and large sections of the media have discriminated against him. Farhan also discusses the apparent engagement in Paris which stands without any proof and also brings up the allegedly photoshopped photograph of Hrithik and Kangana that has been circulated all over.

Farhan Akhtar directed Hrithik Roshan in his 2004 film, ‘Lakshya’. The two also co-starred in Zoya Akhtar’s 2011 film, ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ and in the 2009 film, ‘Luck By Chance’.
Read Farhan’s Facebook post here:

He further added:

So what is the truth?

Well, the truth is that WE do not know the truth.
The reason I felt the need to say this is that it is apparent that some people have already jumped to conclusions while some are deriving some sort of voyeuristic pleasure by encouraging the woman to carry on speaking.

This is being done without a seconds pause to consider the effect her words will have on the person, his family or his children. As great as all of it may be for TRP, it’s in terrible taste.
Until such a time that the matter is brought to its logical conclusion by the authorities, we must avoid vilifying the man on the basis of unsubstantiated statements.

That is what we would have done if this story had played the other way around. That’s what we must do given how it is now.

Actress Sonam Kapoor retweeted Farhan’s post on Twitter with the caption, “Well written and very fair Farhan. I concur.” It seems Bollywood is now taking sides in this controversy.