‘Fan Of Her’, Says Kamal Haasan After Meet With Mamata Banerjee

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Kolkata: Actor Kamal Haasan, who was in Kolkata to inaugurate an international film festival, met the Trinamool Congress chief and called himself a fan of her. The statement of the neta-to-be is being seen as an attempt to woo the charismatic leader. Haasan’s meeting with Mamata followed similar conversations with the chief ministers of Delhi and Kerala, Arvind Kejriwal and Pinarayi Vijayan, respectively.

Pundits are reading the meetings as a political statement from the actor that he will not be part of the saffron brigade. On November 07, on his birthday, the actor had announced the launch of his mobile application ‘Maiam Whistle’, which means ‘Centre Whistle’ in English.

The development was seen by many as his much-awaited plunge into Tamil Nadu politics. “People keep asking me what my stand is, whether I am left of centre or right of centre. I prefer to be at the Centre. Hence this name, Maiam (Centre). Maiam Whistle is not just an application, it is an open platform to connect with the people,” Haasan had said, addressing a press conference. “This app will be a sort of a whistleblower platform, will be used wherever wrong or any injustice happens. I will strive to achieve justice.”

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Haasan stated that this e-vigil platform would enable people to fight injustice. He, however, stated that he is yet to finalise all aspects of his political party. “Many are speculating that today I will announce the political party. I have to do a lot of groundwork, we have been sitting and analysing. Let’s lay the foundation first, the name of the party can be announced later. Don’t ask me what my party name is. Let us not name the child even before it is born, let us first form a strong foundation first,” Haasan had stated, saying he is definitely going to enter politics.