This Famous Picture Has Another ‘Sad’ Story To It !


New Delhi: This picture was taken after the historical win of Narendra Modi, became the most talked about poster in the political history. Probably there is no person who hasn’t seen this picture.

Apart from Modi and his Mother we also see a lady standing with a plate. Yes, she is Nikunjben, niece of Narendra Modi and daughter of Prahalad Modi, younger brother of our Prime Minister. In a very unfortunate incident, Nikunjben passed away last week following a prolonged heart problem.

The news of her illness reached Modi when he was in G-20 Summit in China. After his return to India he immediately called his brother to enquire about her health, only to hear that she had passed away. His tight schedule did not even permit him to go to her funeral ceremony, but he enquired and spoke to his brother again after the funeral for his niece.

Many people in the government did not know about this incident. But during the Kashmir meeting, many observed that Narendra Modi’s eyes were wet, when asked they found out that his niece had passed away.

Nikunj and her family were not financially strong, they lived in a small rented house and her husband worked in a private company. In order to support her husband Nikunj did tailoring and took tuitions to school children. Inspite of being the niece of Prime Minister himself, not once had she used her position to get favors from any government authority. She had not even told anyone that she was related to Narendra Modi. In a time where we mostly hear people misusing their position to make money, the way Narendra Modi’s family has kept their identity so low is something we need to appreciate.

Modi refused to take a day’s leave to visit her. Instead he attended back to back summits trying his best to get work done.