Family Turns To HC After Police Inactivity


Kolkata: A father had to return empty handed as he could not file a complaint for his missing and kidnapped daughter because the accused is a civic volunteer.

According to the case, on 30 May, Uttam Mandal’s only daughter went missing on her way to school. They are the residents of Netu village under Birbhum’s Santhia police station. Neighbour Suman Dulai and civic volunteer Krishna Bira have been accused in the case.

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Uttam went to the Santhia police station to lodge complaint against both of them. But the police allegedly refused to file any complaint. The next day on 31st May Uttam appeared before the Birbhum district police super and district magistrate. After this, though the police took the complaint, but did not make any arrests. It is being alleged that he is being pressurised from outside to withdraw the case. But the police did not do anything, as is being alleged.

The father thus went to the Calcutta High Court and filed a case of police inactivity. During the course of trial, Uttam’s lawyer Ashish Kumar Chowdhury informed the court that both the accused used to tease his daughter regularly while she went to her school. On that day, they kidnapped her.

Justice Rajshekhar Mantha sought for the Santhia police station’s report. After that both the accused were arrested and the girl was rescued. No physical examination was done by the police, as alleged.

The girl’s family said that though she has been rescued, but she has been presently kept at a home shelter. Uttam broke down at the court to get his daughter.