Family Received Reserved Prizes Of Gostha Pal After 27 Years


Kolkata: After 27 years, Gostha Pal’s families have received all the prizes. On Saturday, the Mohun Bagan club handed over the reserved prizes to the family.

The legendary footballer’s family to fulfill Gostha Pal’s last wish, in 1992, gave the Padma Shri, along with all his medals and some rare pictures and handed over to the Club. The club then promised to save those rare pictures through museum.

Even after 27 years, they did not give honour to this pictures and medals. No museum was made. With the allegations, the family want back everything that they would give earlier to the club.

To return the rewards, the letter was written by the son of Gostha Pal, Niranshu Pal to the President of the club. After the letter, Mohunbagan promised to return those medals. After this, the club gave away the prizes to the family.

The club has not yet found seven contents of the 19 content that has been provided 27 years ago including the Padma Shri Medal. Gostha Pal, one of the most famous players in Indian football history and he was also a Mohun Bagan legend. The interesting fact is that he is from East Bengal.

After watching his game, a man from English daily uttered that he was “Great wall of China”. He mainly known for his defence. He was the first Indian footballer to be honoured with the Padma Shri, on 27 April 1962. Mohun Bagan club conferred him Posthumous Mohun Bagan Ratna. A statue was erected In his memory in 1984 on the Gostho Paul Sarani. An archive was launched in his honour and named the Gostho Paul Archive, inside the Mohun Bagan club premises.