Falsely Declaring Newborn Baby Dead: Delhi Govt Cancels Max hospital’s License


New Delhi: The Delhi government canceled the license of Max Hospital for negligence after the hospital declared a newborn baby dead.

The Shalimar Bagh branch of Max Super Speciality Hospital was in a soup after doctors there declared one of newborn twins dead falsely. Parents realised one of their kids was alive on the way to cremation ground.

The license of the Shalimar Bagh branch of Max Hospital has now been cancelled. Max Super Speciality Hospital that found itself marred with a medical negligence case had sacked the doctors responsible for the oversight.

Dr AP Mehta and Dr Vishal Gupta’s services were terminated with immediate effect for gross medical negligence that nearly cost a life.

The 22-week-old baby, who was found alive after being declared dead, succumbed to death on Wednesday morning at a private nursing home in Pitampura.