FAL Food & Beverages Brings its Flagship Brand Coco Joy


Kolkata: Flavor And Life (FAL) Food & Beverages, a leading producer, distributor and manufacturer of natural, healthy food and beverages announced the launch of its flagship brand Coco Joy in India today. As part of its portfolio FAL will also be introducing Juices, Vitamin Water, Isotonics and Nutrition Bars into India over the next few months.FAL Food and Beverages is a part of FAL Holdings – Saudi Arabia, an international conglomerate of 75 companies, spanning 17 countries in the Middle East, Australia, the Americas and Europe, with a dedicated workforce of over 5000.

Designed to meet consumer demand that is increasingly leaning towards products that may help support fitness and wellbeing, nutritional or dietary needs, FAL offers a range of low-calorie, low-sugar and fat-free options which means consumers can manage their food intake more effectively and responsibly. FAL is working to change the way the world eats for the better; and it all begins with innovative, great-tasting, high quality food and beverages that puts the consumers’ needs and values first.

With the aim to build awareness for Coco Joy as an entrant into the packaged beverages segment in the country, FAL wants to initiate the brand as a healthy & nutritional drink. Unveiled by its global brand ambassador Sir Vivian Richards, Coco Joy’s products will be available for retail in September 2015 across all Metro cities in India.

Speaking on the occasion Tim Xenos, Global CEO, FAL Food & Beverages, said, “Since our inception, we have effectively made alternative healthy food and beverage choices easier for the consumer, creating not just new categories, but also a new consumer mindset. Coco Joy focuses on natural and healthier Coconut water, it provides innovative, great-tasting, high-quality products that means our offerings are not only consistently delicious, they’re also nutritious, convenient and produced with sustainability in mind”. Further being asked on how Sir Vivian Richards would help gain popularity for the product. Xenos quoted, “It’s a great pleasure to have Sir Vivian Richards as our Global Coco Joy Ambassador, Sir Vivian is a legend in the international sporting community and arguably the greatest batsman in history. I simply can’t think of any better ambassador for Coco Joy”.

Global Ambassador, Sir Vivian Richards, said, “All Coco Joy products are not only delicious but packed with the goodness of Fresh coconuts. This means Coco Joy products are naturally low in calories and full of nutrients and minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, manganese and phosphorus – making them ideal for active bodies”. With ‘health and nutrition’ at the forefront of the company’s mission, FAL has expanded associations with brands such as Disney, Australian Professional Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, Manchester City FC, Melbourne City FC, New York City FC, Melbourne City Renegades (Cricket) and Manly Sea Eagles to further its brand identity.