Fake Doctor Arrested In Malda


Malda: The incidence of fake doctors in Malda is on the rise. Despite frequent arrests by the police, the scam could not be stalled.

Mohammad Azaharuddin filed a complaint with the English Bazar police. A person by the name of Pintu Sarkar has been claiming himself as a doctor. However, his printed paper has no initials of ‘Dr.’ in front of his name. In the paper, he has claimed himself as a general physician and a dermatologist.

Pintu Sarkar has also been accused of keeping active a team of brokers in Malda. Mohammad allegedly fell to the trap to one of these brokers. He is a resident of Shouhartola village in Gopalpur under Manikchowk police station.

The 65 year-old Mohammad was having pain in his legs. After getting down from the bus, he took a rickshaw to go to a doctor. He showed his doctor’s prescription to the rickshaw-puller and asked him to take him there. The puller, on seeing the prescription, said that this doctor will not see patients. Instead he said that he will take him to another doctor. On agreeing, Mohammad was taken to Pintu Sarkar.

On seeing Mohammad, Pintu assured that his leg pain will reduce within 15 days. He took Rs 300 as a visiting charge. Along with it, he informed that Rs 1150 for blood test and Rs 2000 for medicines will be required. Pintu also told Mohammad that he will not get all the medicines in the shops. Hence, he asked him to buy the medicines from the shop beside his chamber.

Following the fake doctor’s orders, Mohammad went to the shop when the police had come. Already, complaints had been lodged against Pintu. Hence, the police came to arrest him. On asking the police, the police informed Mohammad of Pintu’s works. Mohammad then filed a complaint with the police. Based on it, the police arrested Pintu and one accused of the racket. The police have started an investigation.