‘Fake’ Advocate Finally Behind Bars


Kolkata: Fraud cases are reported from every hook and corner of our country, everyday. What if one of them is reported from Bengal? Bijoy Roy reports on one such fraud case.

Dipankar Paul (Name Changed), a South Kolkata resident, had approached Arindam Maiti to fight his case in his divorce case in 2013. Arindam had given his identity as an advocate of the Calcutta High Court. Arindam had allegedly claimed 5-10 lakhs during this period. In this way, Arindam had allegedly taken atleast 2.5 lakhs of rupees from Dipankar.

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The twist in the tale came after Dipankar was arrested by the sleuths of the East Jadavpur Police Station on June 28, for failing to appear in the court for its scheduled hearings and failing to provide alimony to his wife. He was, later on, released on bail. Post his release, Dipankar called Arindam who informed him that he would arrange all documents related to the hearing on divorce within 2 days. But Dipankar realized that all the documents, which Arindam handed over to him, were false. The forged signature of the judge was also present in the documents.

On July 18, Dipankar filed a written complaint against Arindam in the Survey Park Police Station. A case was filed against Arindam under section 406 and 420 of the Indian Penal Code along with 5 other sections. An arrest warrant was also issued by the court against Arindam. Arindam Maiti, was eventually, arrested from his home on August 24. He was produced in the Alipore Court on August 25. He has been remanded into police custody till August 29.

The senior advocates believe that this fraudulent practice is spread throughout the state. They receive similar complaints from common people, everyday. But they do not appear in the media.

Edited by Saheli Dey