Failed Property Deal Proved fatal for Arabindo


Kolkata: As new theories and twists are cropping out of the horrific ‘Skeleton Case’ of Robinson Street, a failed property deal might have proved fatal for estranged father Arabindo de, who burnt himself to death on June 10.

He had desperately tried to sell off his bungalow, even going to the extent of patching up with his estranged brother, because he knew his son and daughter wouldn’t be able to handle the huge inheritance. His last ditch attempt failed in April-end. This may have been one of the reasons that drove him over the edge, say police.

Arabindo and his brother Arun were offered Rs 28.8 crore each (at Rs 1.2 crore per cottah) for the 24 cottah property, say sources. Their solicitors told them the market price was Rs 2 crore per cottah but they would get more if the four tenants were persuaded to move out. Arun pulled out of the deal — he had all the right to do it — and Arabindo was shattered.

The picture that is emerging of Arabindo in one of the most complex and bizarre mysteries ever investigated by Kolkata Police is that of an anguished 77-year-old who had seen his life crumble around him and was frantic to do anything to hold on to the last person he loved — his disturbed son Partha. Which is why he agreed to go along with his gruesome plan to keep his sister’s corpse and the two dog carcasses at home and “feed” them every night.

Relatives and friends describe the former director of an MNC as a man in control, always elegantly dressed, friendly and one who loved driving. Far from the filth and gore discovered in his home. But about seven to eight months ago, he suddenly crumbled and shut himself in — coinciding with Debjani’s death and Partha’s descent into hell.

On the other hand police on Sunday interrogated Arabindo’s brother Arun De and Arjun de. They said that Arabindo told them Debjani is well and is on a tour. The duo also claimed that Arabindo was too depressed and used drugs to treat his depression.