Factory Collapse Kills 16 in Pakistan


Islamabad: At least 16 people were killed and many injured when a factory in Pakistan’s Lahore industrial area collapsed on Wednesday, officials said. Formerly several stories high, no part of the building remained standing after the disaster, and hundreds of rescue workers including soldiers have been picking through piles of concrete and bricks to find survivors.

Dozens have been pulled out alive. Many more remain trapped and with heavy machinery being used, search teams were striving to ensure that no-one is hurt further in the rescue operation. At the scene, senior local government official Mohammad Usman said that at least 75 injured people had been rescued so far.

It is not known what caused the collapse of the factory where plastic bags were manufactured. But reports suggest the building was still under construction and may have suffered damage in last week’s earthquake that hit Afghanistan and Pakistan, leaving some 390 people dead.