Factional Feud Turns Violent In Birbhum


Suri: Internal clash between two groups of state ruling party turns violent on Wednesday at Chandipur area of Birbhum. Miscreants hurled bombs and vandalized the houses. Huge police force reached the spot.

A internal clash between two groups of Hussain Seikh and Annar Seikh over forming of Gram Panchayat turns violent on Wednesday. Several houses of the villages were were vandalised. Bombs hurled by two groups.

After the incident, the villagers reported that the dispute between these two groups over the amount of money that would be spent on the various schemes. There was also a case of bullet injury in the incident.

The huge police force of Nanur police reached the area to bring the situation under control. Local TMC unit denied the allegations. TMC unit said that the conflict is based on domestic problems. There is no relation with the political party.