Factional Feud Leads To Cancellation Of Football Match


Barrackpore: Inter rivalry is the sole reason for which a football match competition that was scheduled to take place on April 22 was dropped. The incident took place at Gadulia under North 24 Parganas.

Residents of West Bengal are well aware of the inter rivalry in ruling Trinamul Congress and subsequent clashes that resulted in loss of life. But this inter rivalry is among two groups of CPM that resulted in last minute cancellation of football match that was organized by student wing to strengthen public relations of the party.

The football competition was organized in memory of student leader Sudipta Gupta. The venue was Ashoknagar. But confrontation of two groups acted as a spoil sport. To save the situation, the leaders said that if such activities are adopted then ruling Trinamul Congress might create tension so it is not the right time to carry out such activities.

But according to sources, one local CPM leader had reservation regarding the match as it is in memory of late student leader Sudipta Gupta. He wanted SFI-DYFI names to be mentioned instead of Sudipta Gupta’s name. He was vocal about his choice. Local SFI leaders were desperate to stop the match as it was in memory of the late student leader. It is alleged that leaders created pressure on the organizers to cancel the match. The organizers allege that one particular leader who had reservations regarding the naming of the match is the key person behind last minute cancellation.

Organisers were quite enthusiastic about the football competition. They had collected subscriptions from people. As a result, the organizers as well as local student wing is quite angry with the party though leader Gargi Chatterjee rubbish all the allegations. “The football competition has been postponed to be organized in a grand scale later,” said Chatterjee.

There has been no interference from the local Trinamul Congress leaders. But one of the organizer not wished to be named said that confrontation in party is the root cause of trouble. SFI leader Madhuja Sen Roy was called for her reactions but the call remain unanswered.

Though Left Front was once in power and ruled West Bengal for a long time, now it is in its skeletal remains.  At this juncture, it is really hard for the party to sustain itself in district level.