Factional Feud Ignites Agitation In Liluah


Liluah: A clash has ignited in Liluah on Thursday night followed by the tussle on territorial possesion and fixing the control of the local businessmen.

According to the police source, many people have been injured in the incident. Local shops have been vandalised. The Kona Expressway of Chamrail area turned into a battleground within few hours.

Huge police battalion reached the spot to control the agitated situation. The repercussion of the incident continues till Friday morning. Normal flow of traffic has been disrupted in the highway after the incident.

Two group prevailing in panchayat have been blamed for the incident. The head of the panchayat has been injured in clash. No body has been arrested in connection to the incident. FIR have been filed from both side.

Another incident took place in Simlagarh between Congress and BJP which has injured at least five to six people.