Factional Feud At TMC Victory Rally


Siuri: Victory rallies are being taken out at several parts of the state by the Trinamool Congress party after the verdict by the Supreme Court on the Panchayat polls.

Choas spread over factional feud in the TMC party at Birbhum on Friday night. The incident took place at Chandipur under the Nanur police station.

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However, as per sources, there in no involvement of any opposition. According to the police, it was the result of factional feud within the TMC party. Bombing was also reported. Several houses were set ablaze and lootings were done too.

The locals have clamed that a victory march was arranged by TMC and was going in a
peaceful way. But clashes broke out soon after the meeting ended.

Within the party, there are two opposed groups under Seikh Aanarul and Seikh Hasaan
respectively. Though they do not accept, but regular clashes break out between
followers of both groups.

From quarrel to fight, the clash took a major turn. Houses were heckled and looted.
Panic trigerred in the area as a result.

The district level leaders of TMC did not comment on this matter. None has accepted
that it was factional feud within the part