Faction Feud Turns Violent In Mayureswar


Mayureswar: A group of miscreant attacked a TMC public rally and hurled bombs. Locals said the attackers are also TMC Cadres. Without permission of police, on Thursday, some supporters of Trinamool Mayureswar-2 block held a public rally at Beja village.

Huge police force were deployed in the area. On Thursday morning, a procession came out under the leadership of the Daspalsa Region President Zulfiqur Rahman. The panchayat chief, deputy speaker and members of the TMC brigade procession were present. During the procession, the clash took place.

Mayureswar-2 Panchayat Samiti president complained that a group of boys forced into the house of the people and wanted to play holi with girls. Four people of two sides were injured in the clashes. Local sources said a fire broke out in a house.

Although the people of Zulur Rahman group denied the allegation. Although Jatil Mondal followers demanded that they enter the village and forced girls to play holi.