Facebook To Maintain Integrity Of Upcoming Elections In India: Zuckerberg Assures


Washington: We assure we will do our best to maintain the integrity of upcoming elections in India: Mark Zuckerberg. After the 2016 election (US elections), our top priority was protecting the integrity of other elections around the world.

Data privacy and foreign interference in elections are the biggest issues the company has faced and we feel huge responsibility to get these right.

It is clear that we did not do enough to prevent tools from being used for harm like fake news, foreign interference in election as well as developers and data privacy.
Zuckerberg answers in the positive when asked if Facebook had came across suspicious activity by an app in the past.

The Delaware Democrat said friends flagged the account and his aides were able to contact Facebook to remove the page by midday.But he said the experience left him thinking about the average Facebook user who’s not in the US Senate.

“Isn’t it Facebook’s job to better protect its users and why do you shift the burden to users to flag inappropriate content and make sure it is taken down?” Coons asked Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg said Facebook needs to do a better job with its content policy enforcement.

He added that Facebook started in his dorm room, with not a lot of resources. Now, Zuckerberg said people report things and Facebook employees review them. He said in the future, AI technology will be flagging content.