Facebook, the new Janus for mirror lovers!


London: Is spending too much of time in Facebook actually reveal that you are very lonely at heart? Just because you cannot find yourself in the real world, so take refuge in the paradise of virtuality? Well, we really know not the answer. Or perhaps we choose not to know the answer of this uncanny question. But have we ever realized that what would happen to us if we do not get the much desired ‘LIKE’ or the ‘COMMENT’ at our photo or post from the person whom we desire the most?! The answers are true enough to shake the innermost corners of our auricles and ventricles. Hence, we live happily in the virtual world where human beings are judged by their twit-wit, not by their real intellect and warm heartedness. A team of researchers have revealed what Facebook updates say about the users.

According to a report by the Brunel University study, which analysed 555 online surveys taken by regular Facebook users, found that people with certain personality types like extroversion, openness, narcissism, neuroticism and conscientiousness, updated their walls in specific ways, the Independent reported.

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Extroverts were found to post frequently about social events and neurotic personalities, who are motivated by a need for “validation,” were likelier to post personal status updates, while “open” individuals were found not to share personal information but instead primarily updated their Facebook status about “events, research, or their political views.” Researchers found that “conscientious” individuals mostly posted about their children. The study suggesting perhaps such updates reflect an indirect form of competitive parenting.

Those with low self-esteem frequently posted about their romantic partner but were not as likely as neurotic types to use the network as a means of validation. The study also reflected that people are more likely to post relationship-relevant information on Facebook on days when they feel insecure, adding it was “reasonable” to assume they did so as a way to “claim” their relationship.

Finally, narcissists are found Facebook to broadcast their diet and exercise routine to express the personal importance they place on physical appearance above the other control variables that researchers placed on the study.