Facebook Privacy Settings Revamped


Washington: Facebook announced an overhaul of its privacy tools that will make it easier for users to find and edit the personal information the company holds.

The London-based political research organisation, which collaborated with the election campaign of Donald Trump in the runup to the 2016 US vote, used the leaked information to develop a computer programme to predict the decisions of US voters and influence them.

However, Facebook said the revamp was already in the works ahead of the scandal in order to comply with new EU rules. The announcement coincided with a fresh dispute with New Zealand’s privacy watchdog, which accused Facebook of being in breach of local laws.

The changes fell into three categories and were announced in a blog. At present, mobile users see a list of about 17 different options, each of which is marked by a short title. However, the new version regroups the controls and adds descriptions to make it simpler.

Now, there is a new privacy shortcuts menu. The dashboard brings together what the firm said “were the most critical controls into a single place. It suggested this will make it faster for people to do things such as review the posts they have shared or reacted to, and to limit the information used to target ads at them.

In addition, members will be able to download specific categories of data — including their photos — from a selected time range, rather than only being able to export a single large file that might take hours to obtain.