Facebook Messenger Will Now Automatically Translate Your Messages


You became friends on Facebook with a Spanish-speaking individual and now you have no idea where you are headed because you don’t know Spanish.

Facebook Messenger’s M bot will pop up to automatically translate such messages between Spanish and English so there is less of a communication barrier, The Verge reported. It is part of a new M Translation feature and will be available for users in the US and Mexico. Going forward, support for more languages is expected.

Besides, Facebook is reportedly working on “Your Time on Facebook” which could help users to manage their time spent on the app. This new feature will help users manage their time spent on their respective Facebook accounts. The ‘Your Time on Facebook’ feature, while displaying the time spent on the Facebook, it categorises to each day and then for the whole week. Thereafter the user can set up the time limit and can also manage the notifications accordingly.

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