Facebook Bans Users Who Talk About Adultery


Menlo Park: Facebook have quietly introduced a new policy banning users from using ‘dirty talk’ on their platform.

The firm has updated its content-moderation rules, specifically ‘sexual slang’ and any hint of ‘sexual positions’ and erotic art when mentioned with a sex act.  Suggestive comments such as ‘looking for a good time tonight’ when soliciting for sex is also forbidden.

It also bans talking about ‘sexual roles or fetish scenarios’, mentioning your preferences in sexual partners, ‘sexualized slang,’ and ‘vague suggestive statements’. Facebook already has a ban on porn and sexual solicitation but the site has now fleshed out their policy to better police content on the platform.

The company said it made the new rules with input from third-party organisations that specialise in women’s and children’s safety issues. It comes after Tumblr’s recent decision to ban pornography, which will come into affect on December 17.

Many erotic artists are now having to find an alternative platform to advertise their work on as Facebook was a platform which provides a lot of traffic. In the past three years, Facebook has come under fire for failing to take down pornographic content such as terrorist and extremist videos and fake news.

However, critics have accused the social network of taking down legitimate posts from real users. The company is hiring more content reviewers and using computer algorithms to help it take down problematic content and is said to be forming an independent judging panel to decipher what should and shouldn’t be taken down.

The US company updated its ‘sexual solicitation’ policy in October but many social media users think the social media giant has gone too far.