F-16 Collides With Cessna Midair


California: An F-16 fighter jet and a small Cessna C-150 aircraft have collided midair in South Carolina, the Federal Aviation Administration confirms. The collision occurred late Tuesday morning in the sky above Berkeley County, around 11 miles north of Charleston, the FAA said.

According to an eyewitness, the impact resulted in a “ball of fire in the air,” a local news paper reported. The pilot of the fighter jet had ejected himself from the aircraft prior to the crash, the Berkeley County Fire Department confirmed to reporters, and was later located and brought to a nearby hospital. His condition is not immediately known.

Officials have not yet released details concerning the occupants of the Cessna, a two-seat aircraft, but have located the plane’s fuselage, according to a local CBS News station. The National Transportation and Safety Board said it has begun investigating the crash.