Eye On 2019 LS Elections, TMC To Organize Digital Conclave


Kolkata: Trinamool Congress is going to make extensive use of digital media to beat saffron brigade in upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The Digital Conclave of TMC is scheduled to be held on 10 September at Nazrul Mancha. Abhishek Bandyopadhyay, party’s all India youth wing president , is the keynote speaker in this conclave.

CM Mamta Banerjee taught the people of Bengal that how to protests. But now the day was different from the past. The way of politics turned. Social Medias play huge role on elections. People spend lot of time on Facebook, Twitter etc. At the same time, the importance of reading and political conversations in-front of a tea shop are somehow missing. Now conversations in facebook is much fashionable.

Nowadays any leader in the world rely on social media to keep up with the people. From Rahul Gandhi to US President Donald Trump, From Mamata Banerjee to Narendra Modi all are on Twitter, Facebook. Millions of people follow them.

Mamta’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee Twitter Followers has crossed 27 lakhs. He always tweets on important issues. Mamata’s Twitter Follower crosses Over 2.9 Million.However, Mamata believes that such workshops are very much important to win the social media war.
Abhishek Banerjee also feels that this digital conclave is very important. ” In field, we are far ahead from the BJP ,” said Abhishek. In social media also, we do not want to leave any land to the BJP. ” he added.

During the state tour, BJP’s All India President Amit Shah attended the Social Media Conclave in Howrah. He said there to gear up the social media platform.