Kabul Hospital Attack: 30 Dead, 50 Injured


Update: Death toll rises to 30 with 50 being injured.

Update: Kabul hospital attack ends after all gunmen killed: officials, reports news agency AFP.

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Update: At least four people were so far reported killed and at least 60 others wounded, the health ministry said around two hours after the raid began, with medical staff trapped in the facility posting desperate messages for help on social media.

Kabul: An explosion and gunfire were reported inside a military hospital in the Afghan capital, Kabul, officials said.

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Defence ministry officials said the blast occurred at the front gate of the Sardar Daud Khan hospital in the Wazir Akbar Khan area in the centre of the city on Wednesday. Speaking to Al Jazeera from Kabul, Dawlat Waziri, spokesman for the defence ministry, said a number of fighters entered the hospital, the largest of its kind in the Afghan capital.
“Our security forces are on location fighting the attackers but they are also being careful to not cause any casualties. It’s a difficult situation,” Waziri said.

The Wazir Akbar Khan area of central Kabul also houses several government offices and foreign embassies and is a heavily guarded area.