Explosion At TMC Party Office


Suri: A massive explosion reported at Trinamool Congress party office in Kankartala village of Birbhum on Monday morning. The sudden blast has sparked panic in the area. Huge police force has reached the spot.

As per sources the intensity of the blast was so high that it has blown away the roof, doors and windows of the party office. The area was soon covered in dark smokes.The initial estimate was that the bombs were stored in the TMC office. And it exploded there.The massive explosion has sparked panic among the local. The TMC claimed that the BJP miscreants have carried out this attack. But as per sources TMC group clash is behind the attack.

In June 2012, the TMC area head of Kankartala village of Birbhum Sheikh Ajfar alias (Kalo) created the party office. At a few distance from this TMC party office, lies the party office of another TMC leader Dipak Ghosh, who is also rival of Kalo. Dipak is the TMC president of Khairashol block. Although, both Dipak and Kalo belonged to same party but no-one in the village was unknown about the cold-war between them. As the date of panchayat formation in their village was close so there was a clash between both the group for winn9ng the control over the village.Therefore, this might have triggered the explosion today.

TMC leader Anubrata Mandol has claimed that, “The BJP has brought miscreants from Jharkhand for this attack.” The police has cordoned the party office. The combat force has been deployed in the area. DSP is also present at the spot. How the explosive came inside the party office and from where every nook and corner is been studied by the police. Investigation underway.