Explore ‘Jurassic World’ at Science City, Kolkata


Kolkata: The Science City at Kolkata will fancy taking a ride amidst giant dinosaurs as shown in the latest Hollywood blockbuster ‘Jurassic World’. Science City in Kolkata will soon throw open its new science exploration hall where visitors will be able to enjoy a ‘dark ride’ amidst life-like models of dinosaurs which used to live once upon a time in the Jurassic Age.With special effects, simulations and a voice over, the technologically advanced 3D models of the giant beasts which had gone extinct around 66 million years ago would leave visitors thrilled.”We have named it ‘dark ride’. Each vehicle will carry a group of nine people. Everything will be synchronised. As the vehicle moves you can watch the dinosaurs, hear the background narrations and voice over. It would be followed by a light and sound show,” Arijit Dutta Chowdhury, director of the Science City.

A group of 50-55 giant robotic models of different types of dinosaurs like Velociraptor, Sauropodomorpha, etc, would recreate the dominance of these mighty creatures during the bygone Jurassic era.The section on Jurassic age would be part of the ‘Evolution of Life’ gallery at Science City which will portray the origin of universe, formation of earth, early life forms and their evolution in period settings. 3D models of early life forms from Proterozoic period to neogene will be on display.

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