Expatriate Youth Arrested In Salt Lake


Kolkata: Riazuddin Ahmed, a resident of Entally has been arrested for threatening traffic inspector with fraud representation of Kolkata Police officer’s son Additional Director General (ADG) Anuj Kumar.

He stays in Dubai by profession. A youth has breached taffic law on Saturday near City Centre 1. The on duty traffic inspector Biplab kumar Mondal has arrested the youth and imposed penalty on him. The climax of the incident came after that.

The traffic inspector has been threatened over phone from an unknown number. he said that, “Speak Up. Is there ADG Anuj Kumar ?

After a while of talking over phone, he realised it is not ADG Anuj Kumar. Somebody is fraud him. Soon after that Riazuddin has been detained and taken to Bidhannagar North police station. Some jolting information came out after interrogating him.

Bidhannagar police said that, he is a resident of Entally. He is a Bank professional in Dubai. He will be produce before court on Monday.