Expatriate Women In Dubai Celebrated Mahalaya


Kolkata: Preparations are on at full swing for the four-day Durga Puja festival which will start from October 16. Already the beginning of Devi Paksha started in West Bengal on Monday. The expatriate Bengali’s of Dubai worshiped mother Goddess.

Women community here welcomed mother goddess with song dance even small kids are also participating. Everyone is ready to welcome goddess durga with full preparations even in the hot temperature. This year women community takes the charge of Durga Puja celebration.

They are alone doing everything. Every woman has proved that they are Bengali women living in the Arab. Mahalya celebrated in Dubai’s Hotel Banquet. Near about two hundred family joined in this celebration.

Almost forty participants performed dance drama and song. Preparations for this event began a month ago. The program started from eleven in the morning.

Reported By- Suparna Sinha Roy
Edited By – Piku Mukherjee