Exit Time Of Binay Tamang From GJM


Darjeeling: The Binay Tamang lobby of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has not fielded candidates in the Dooars for the rural polls and supported Trinamool despite his declarations to put up nominees in some seats.

“The decision (to contest), however, could not be implemented because it came just ahead of the nominations. By then Trinamool leaders had finalised candidates in almost all seats in all three (panchayat) tiers.

In fact, in some seats, there are multiple candidates, all of whom claim to have been fielded by the party,” said a Morcha leader in the Dooars. In such a situation, he said it was quite a tough task for the Morcha to select seats where Trinamool would withdraw so that the hill party can field candidates. Most important, local Trinamool leaders and their candidates had to be persuaded.

As a result of the problems, Morcha party leaders have decided to go by Tamang’s decision but only partially. “We will support Trinamool candidates across the Dooars as it has been decided by our central leaders. But the nomination process has already ended and there is no more time for us to field candidates,” added the leader.