Exclusive: Six Terrorists Beaten By Mob Amidst Assam Strike


Silchar: Amidst the ongoing strike in Assam over the murder of five Bengalis, the mob beat six terrorists on Saturday. The incident occurred at Haringar bazaar in Kachar-Dimahasao district border. Huge cache of arms and grenade have been recovered from them.

The mob faced the terrorists with empty hands and beat them. On Thursday, five Bengalis were brutally shot dead by terrorists. They surrounded the terrorists and beat them. Chaos and panic spread in the area as a result.

The viral picture

After the incident of the murder of five Bengalis, a strike is on in Assam to protest the murders. Amidst the strike, the catching of the terrorists sparked tension in the area. As per sources, the terrorists had come to the area to extort money which they do regularly.

An already angry mob got infuriated when the terrorists came to extort money. Soon they started with their extortion, the businessmen ran towards them, caught and beat them. The police seized huge amount of arms from them. The terrorists have been admitted to the hospital and two out of them are stated to be critical.

The administrative officials have rushed to the spot. No one is ready to speak anything. But the picture is viral which shows that the terrorists are lying on the ground. The military are also present at the spot. Active weapons are lying on the floor.