Pages Stolen From Bible In Kolkata Church


Kolkata: In a prodigious incident that came to light, the pages from a two-hundred year old holy book of ‘The Bible’ were stolen from a church in Kolkata. The Bible, which teaches us pardoning, truth and human values was torn to pages by a visitor in St. Thomas Church.

The ancient St. Thomas Church in Kolkata is considered one of the safest palces and is maintained regularly. But the ancient Bible is neglected by the keepers. How is that possible that someone tore the pages of The Bible and no one paid a heed to it.

Pradip Kumar Nand, who is in charge of the church said that the Bible was around 220 years old. It was printed in the eighteenth century. Thus, it was a heritage for us. The church authorities expressed their helplessness when asked about the protection of the book.

“A lot of money is required to save this book. Who will pay so much money?,” said the authorities. The church is one of the historical places for Kolkata. The invaluable wealth of famous painter Jofani known as “Last Supper” is truly preserved by the government. Then why did the ‘Indian Archaeological Survey (ASI)’ neglected the ancient Bible?

The church authorities and ASI played blame-game on each other but no one understood the importance of such a heritage book. Another question is What was the need for someone to destroy a holy book? The incident poses many questions but answers are less.

Reported By-Souptik Banerjee