EXCLUSIVE: CM Wakes After 3 Years! Will Overloading Stop?


Kolkata: The state government seems to have woken up after three years when the
Majerhat bridge collapsed and killed 3 innocent lives on Tuesday. A letter, which
mentions several times about accidents and illegal goods transport which could lead
to the collapse of bridges, was submitted in 2015.

The government at the end expressed displeasure on the issue of over-loading. At a
press meet in Nabanna, chief minister Mamata Banerjee said, “Those vehicles which
can carry a load of 9 tonnes, were carrying goods of weight 15 tonnes. This needs
to be controlled. I have also decided to put a ban on the 20-wheeler-vehicles or

Prabir Chatterjee, joint secretary of the Federation of West Bengal Truck
Association, said that they had sent a letter to Mamata Banerjee in 2015 requesting
for the ban on overloading in trucks and other problems. But after 3 years, the CM
has decided to ban overloading, he said. According to Prabir, it was also mentioned
in the letter that the wrong-doings by the police were increasing day-by-day. For
this the they were not being able to run the trucks smoothly. It was also alleged
in the letter that if the desired money was not paid to the police, then they
intentionally filed cases and acquired the desired sum of money.

It has also been accused that despite orders by the Supreme Court, the state police
and motor vehicles department did not allow truck overloading to stop.

However, the police have claimed that the police regularly searches in the roads to
reduce the issue of overloading. Anyone suspected of overloading are detained and
the vehicle taken to a measuring centre and the measurements taken. After complete
inspection, they were fined.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee had addressed that 20 bridges in Kolkata and the
state are in a dangerous condition. But many among the truck organisations claimed
that there are thousands of bridges in the state out of which maximum of them are
in poor conditions due to the transport of overloaded vehicles through the bridges.
Almost 4 lakh trucks are there in the state. Many truck owners have claimed that to
stay in the competition, the trucks have to carry overloaded goods. Those who come
to rent trucks for goods transport, go and rent other owner’s truck if the
overloading is not granted in the first case.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has strictly instructed to ban truck overloading.